tree monsters from the moon

My mother, Michele, has always been an excellent cook. Ever since her fibromyalgia forced her to leave her job as a retail manager, she’s been looking for new and creative ways to make money. She started making candy, using my siblings and myself as test subjects. Eventually, she developed her candymaking into a small Etsy business called Catskill Candy Co.

The candy is delicious. Michele uses local ingredients whenever possible, and everything is made by hand, in her kitchen. She makes marshmallows, torrone, clusters, lollipops, brittle, toffee, caramels, and more. They come in classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but they also come in unique flavors like hot sauce, French Quarter coffee, and orange hibiscus. The candy in the pictures above can all be ordered through her Etsy site. Everything is delicious—Michele is incredibly talented.

Michele would like to start a brick-and-mortar store in Kauneonga Lake, NY. To cover the costs of licensing and equipment, she’s trying to raise money through Indiegogo. As of today (8/9/12), she has 59 days to meet her goal of $5,000. Please consider donating. It’s a wonderful business, and I’d love to see it take off. If you donate $50, you get a free order of lollipops, and if you donate $100, you get a pound of any kind of candy you want. Any amount is appreciated, and if you can’t donate, reblogs are appreciated too!

To donate, click here. If you’d like to buy yourself some candy from the Etsy website, click here.

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    You just can’t go wrong with handmade sweets using local ingredients benefiting a lady who needs it! :)
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    To donate, click here. If you’d like to buy yourself some candy from the Etsy website, click here. Reposting—we still...
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