go with the flow and stop being a frog



All I wanna do during storms is draw rain. And tiny lost penguins I guess.

Okay just kidding, i’m sorry. :’>

once, my boss at a previous retail job told me that the assistant manager was “unprofessional” and “never going to get anywhere in life” because he had a tattoo which was occasionally visible if his shirt was positioned in a certain way. i told him that my dad had several two tattoos and was a microbiologist, and my mom had five tattoos and she had his job—retail manager—until she had to quit to go on disability.

he just mumbled something about it still being unprofessional and told me to go face out the shelves. 

i really want to know what the financial situations of the free! characters is. 

the matsuokas, nitoris, and mikoshibas are probably fairly well-off, since their kids can go to an expensive private school. this isn’t guaranteed, as they could have earned scholarships or be receiving financial aid. the nanases are likely well-off too, as they can afford to maintain two residences. 

but what about the others? everyone seems to have nicely decorated homes, but they could just know how to make the most out of limited options. some of them had trouble paying for swimming supplies and activities, but that could speak more to how much money their parents give them and how well they manage their money, rather than family limitations. nagisa thought that the dessert bread is the cafeteria was cheap while gou thought it was expensive, but does that have to do with what is affordable or the fact nagisa thinks the bread is lunch and gou doesn’t? 

i’m guessing everyone is at least middle class—i feel like if someone was very poor or very wealthy, that would be explicit. as somebody who grew up not in abject poverty but still poor, i love seeing a variety of class representations. i know that’s not going to happen in this type of series, but it’d be nice if they just had a throwaway line suggesting that at least one of them came from a poor family. then the implications of that could be explored in fanfiction.



Sam Weber born in Alaska is a New York-based illustrator, awarded a Gold Award by The Society of Illustrators and the Spectrum Annual. He graduated from The Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, before completing a Masters at The School of Visual Arts in New York. His current clients include Time, DC and Rolling Stone.

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today I went to olive garden and there was a man wearing a fedora behind me and my mother whispered to me “why is that man wearing a hat we are indoors I don’t understand” and he whipped around with all seriousness and said “twilight sparkle came to me in a dream and requested that I wear this crown for the duration of the evening” and me, not knowing what to do just said “ok” but then the guy started laughing and he was like “I’m just kidding I just like hats”


actually Makoto can’t cook at all… it is his mother who make his bento


why mother get only 68 points I don’t understand

I doubt any of them besides Haru have much decision-making power regarding what food is in the house to make bento with at any given time. They are teenagers and they don’t have jobs. They probably have some disposable income (varying depending on the character), but if they’re bringing lunch from home, it’s based on what their parents bought last time they went grocery shopping.


i appreciate how momo slammed his head against the wall instead of turning around by mistake

waiting for someone to get water in their ears and be uncomfortable all day because of it and for someone to get a chlorine rash also

more swimmy problems that weren’t perpetrated by rei because he doesn’t understand what he’s doing yet

i’ve heard that it’s very common for people who swim in pools constantly to have chronic nose/ear issues in general like they’re congested all the time or have balance problems or whatev. i want realistic bodily responses to stuff, dang it! momotaro clonking himself in the head is a good start.

tfw the character who finally died after you’d been waiting for ages comes back to life.