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These are forms of male aggression that only women see. But even when men are afforded a front seat to harassment, they don’t always have the correct vantage point for recognizing the subtlety of its operation. Four years before the murders, I was sitting in a bar in Washington, D.C. with a male friend. Another young woman was alone at the bar when an older man scooted next to her. He was aggressive, wasted, and sitting too close, but she smiled curtly at his ramblings and laughed softly at his jokes as she patiently downed her drink. ‘Why is she humoring him?’ my friend asked me. ‘You would never do that.’ I was too embarrassed to say: ‘Because he looks scary’ and ‘I do it all the time.’

Women who have experienced this can recognize that placating these men is a rational choice, a form of self-defense to protect against setting off an aggressor. But to male bystanders, it often looks like a warm welcome, and that helps to shift blame in the public eye from the harasser and onto his target, who’s failed to respond with the type of masculine bravado that men more easily recognize.

Why it’s so hard for men to see misogyny (via ethiopienne)

BOOOM.  Read this if you are a dude, please.

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Its hard for men to understand why women dont get loud & angry because they havent spent their entire lives being reprimanded whenever they take up too much space. (via pluralfloral)

people need to send me more numbers from the fanfiction meme thing i reblogged.



STEP 1: purposefully bump into girl(make sure you are typing into your calculator while doing this)

STEP 2: say “im sorry. i didnt see you, i was taking inventory of all my lizards”

STEP 3: make sure she sees the number 42069666 on the screen




my harry potter OC is called deadlift powercrunch, the most muscular wizard of all time

wizards rarely use physical power to accomplish anything, so the most muscular, is propably not that muscular when compared to muggles

deadlift powercrunch uses her physical power above magic, she does not care about magic and only uses it to create gym equipment from thin air and also to give her gatling gun arm infinite bullets.

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Skipping 2 & 14 since makokjiyuu already asked me those!

5) Share one of your strengths.

I’m good at writing about what it feels like to be in a body. Sometimes, I think I go harder than other people are interested in reading, so I do need to work on balance with this, but I can describe it really well. I can describe pain, being too hot, too cold, being tired, various types of illness, SEXXXY SEXXY SEXXXX (actually mainly bad sex I’m really good at writing sex that is terrible), and all kinds of other minor and major physical sensations. It’s harder if it’s one I’ve never experienced personally, but in general I bring physicality to the forefront and I’m proud of that.

6) Share one of your weaknesses.

I’m bad at writing physical descriptions—this includes what people look like, what they’re wearing, what the outside world looks like, and other such details. This reflects how I experience the world. While I’m not uninterested in these things, they are not my primary focus, and sometimes I have trouble noticing them, or understanding where they fit into a narrative. It’s hard to write from a perspective that does notice these things on a regular basis.

I’m working on this, because first of all, it’s good to practice writing minds that don’t work exactly the way mine does, and second, these details can really bring a lot of important information into a story. 

13) What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?

I’ve received a lot of really good writing advice in the past, and I’m not sure what the best is. One thing that really stands out to me is USE STRONG VERBS. Like instead of “he touched the table with violent intent” write “he smashed the table”. Okay, actually, I like “he touched the table with violent intent” better. Sometimes, you have to break the general rule, but the general rule is, instead of using a weak verb and an adjective, use a verb that conveys the meaning of the adjective. Like “ran fast” versus “dashed.” 

2, 3, 14, 29! For the writers ask thing. xD

2) Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

I actually really enjoy trying to write my own spin on different tropes! For example, last year I wrote a fic where a character (Hatake Kakashi) gets transformed into a baby. I did this because this was apparently a popular thing to do, but I never liked how it was done…the baby never actually acted like a baby.

Anyway, as for some other idea to fiddle with, let’s see…

I’d sort of like to write bodyswap fic. I like the idea of suddenly waking up in a body that doesn’t feel like yours, and then having to try and handle a life that isn’t yours. How, for example, would someone who isn’t used to chronic pain, and who didn’t know about Sousuke’s shoulder issues but felt like maybe they should have been clued in (like Rin!) deal with suddenly being Sousuke? How would Haru deal with being Rin and having to pursue Olympic goals for Rin until he could get his own body back? What happens to your center of gravity if you were Nitori and now you’re Seijuro? Are your parents going to take you to the hospital for a brain scan if your body is Rei but it’s behaving like Nagisa? There are just a lot of fun possibilities here. 

3) Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?

Historical AUs that deal with genocide like the Holocaust and slavery. I ‘m not sure that it’s possible to write about these topics in fanfiction without sensationalizing, trivializing, and romanticizing them and generally being gross. These fics are especially awful when the writer turns one half of their OTP into, say, a slave, and the other half into a slavemaster, and tries to make the romance happen anyway. I just can’t imagine myself ever trying to write one.

14) What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across? 

The worst writing advice I ever got was from my creative writing teacher in college. He scanned through a 5-page piece I’d written in about 15 seconds, then told me it didn’t make sense and I’d need to rewrite. He skipped at least two entire pages, and clearly just read random sentences on the other. Maybe the thing didn’t make sense, but how the heck would he know that if he didn’t actually read it? He also didn’t tell me what parts to rewrite or how to begin doing it, just “rewrite so it makes sense.” I guess I’d understand this behavior if he were a busy editor and my work didn’t grab him right away, but I was a 20-year-old college student paying to take his class. 

That, and being told that second person isn’t a valid writing style. Which is complete and utter nonsense. :D

29) If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

I can’t remember what the story is called or who it was by, but it was about Taichi from Digimon dying of AIDS. It was written sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, back when the outcome for HIV infection wasn’t nearly as good. It was a heart-wrenching fic that made me cry like a baby back when I was reading it. At the end of the fic, it’s revealed that Yamato got HIV from Taichi in a nonsexual way. If I were to write a sequel, it would be about Yamato living with HIV instead of dying of it. 


the thing about free is that its like super intense and kind of uncomfortably realistic?? like in haikyuu is just “VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL ONLY VOLLEYBALL FOREVER” and big windup is like “baseball! and friendship!! friendship and baseball!!!” but free is like “THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. WHERE ARE YOU GOING IN LIFE. SOUSUKE IS IN SERIOUS PAIN AND MAY NOT SWIM AGAIN. RINS DAD IS DEAD”

i love grapefruit jarritos so much i am going to be so sad if i ever move somewhere i can’t buy it easily.


i just like drawing rei sometimes


i just like drawing rei sometimes


alright but Makoto and Sousuke trying to fit into one of those little photo booths together but they’re both too broad shouldered and it’s just a hilarious experience bc Sousuke is sticking like halfway out the booth